Backpacking in RMNP

Last Sunday through Tuesday I took a buddy of mine backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park in the Wild Basin area. We only hiked in a bout a mile and a half to our campsite and did some day hiking from there. It had been rainy in Colorado for about 5 days prior to our trip, and Sunday was no different…not a brutal thunderstorm but a slow, deliberate, steady stream of drizzel that would occasionally stop to get our hopes up, and continue on again.

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First Family Camping Trip

Is that a prison you ask? Oh, no, it’s the entrance to San Luis Lake State Park near Alamosa where we spent our first camping trip with a 1 year old. We had traveled down there just outside of Great Sand Dunes National Park to spend 4 days tent camping and to knock off another National Park while we live in Colorado. Let’s just say we were a little dissapointed in our State Park. It’s like they thought, “Hey, let’s make a state park right outside the Sand Dunes to have an overflow camping site, even though there is nothing remotely beautiful about this spot.” Anyway…

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Western Rattlers and Pina Coladas

Not many of you may know this about me, but I have made it my own personal mission to keep the glass entrances to Denver Seminary’s main buildings free of dirt, raindrops and fingerprints. Okay, actually I work in the maintenance department and they pay me nine bucks an hour to squeegee all of the entryways…

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Latest episode in "The Life and Times of One Weird Kid"

Jonathan took his first few steps the other day. Did it like it was no big deal. I was sitting in a chair and he was holding on to my knee and saw his wagon nearby. He stretched out and the handle was about a foot away still, so he let go, moved his feet, and grabbed right on. He’s also taken a few steps when he’s holding our hands and we let go. But then he stumbles and falls. Is that mean?

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Well, I finally decided to check out’s free office suite software. It is an open-source software solution which includes word processing (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), database (Base), slide show presentation (Impress), drawing editor (Draw), and scientific equation creator (Math). Open source software allows the source code to be open to the public, which allows thousands of developers to work on it and offer the software for free. See this article on the possible future for open source software. After reading about about this software and knowing that Microsoft offers it’s Office software suite for about $499, I thought I’d give it a try and compare it.
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Jonathan’s Second 1st Birthday Party

I‘m a little delinquent in getting the pictures up from Jonathan’s second 1st birthday party a few weeks back…you can look at them here. Jonathan’s Grandma Brouwer came out and we had some friends over to celebrate.

We’re in the process of moving right now and our new contact info is located on our website to the left. Our home phone number (303-783-0169) will be cancelled, so we’ll just be using our cell phones (those are at the left as well). Hope everyone is doing well!

Jonathan’s First 1st Birthday Party

We just got home from Wisconsin on the 22nd and had a great time being with family and old friends (or was it old family and friends). While we were there Jonathan had his first 1st birthday party (his second is coming up in a couple weeks in Denver) and he had a great time. I’ve put some pictures from the party in the album dated 2006-01-23 and you can check them out by clicking on Photo Gallery, then Jonathan, then 2006-01-23.

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Wilderness Resort

Renee and I spent some time while we were in Wisconsin with a bunch of friends from college in Wisconsin Dells. We rented a sweet cabin at the Wilderness Resort and had a great time catching up with old friends while the grandparents watched Jonathan. I’ve posted some pictures here that some people have sent me from the weekend…a great time and we hope to do something similar again!