One Scary Night

Just wanted to keep you all updated, thank the Lord Jonathan is OK…here’s the email Renee sent out early today…

Thanks to those of you who prayed for Jonathan last night-It was a very scary 5 minutes as we watched our son seizing on the pavement and then watched him lay there afterwards, awake but not aware of anything around him. It seemed like forever before the firefighters got there and once they did they were great. They took Jonathan into the back of the ambulance and you should have seen his little face— he was so confused. They were asking me all sorts of questions like “Did he get into any poison?” “Does he have a fever?” “Is this his normal disposition?” — which we all know Jonathan doesn’t sit still for one moment, and he was actually sitting quietly on the stretcher and not even fighting all the stuff they were doing to him.

They took us to Children’s and they were great as well-Jonathan by this time had recovered from his post-seizure phase and he was crying and upset about the nurse taking his vital signs. After a couple hours the doctors told us this was probably related to a “breath holding spell” I have seen some babies do in the NICU. They said that since he was mad becausewe took a yardstick away from him (he was playing with it outside at the garden meeting we were at) he just held his breath until he passed out and then starting convulsing. They said usually kids just jerk a few times and then recover but that sometimes it can develop into a full seizure.

So Ken and I were relieved and very thankful to hear this – I had 3 seizures as an infant not related to fevers or breath holding episodes so we were kind of scared. It was good to know we just have a little pistol on our hands (which we were already aware of) and that hopefully this is nothing a little behavior modification can?t change?. At least that’s what the doctor told us. She said there is a good chance he will do this again and not to be concerned just support him through the seizure and recovery, and that we don’t need to be seen again if it does occur? only if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes. We didn’t get home till a little after 11pm so Jonathan is still sleeping?Poor Ken hasn’t been feeling well with allergies and this little bug I think we both got so he almost overslept his class this morning. It will be a long day for him. Thanks again for your prayers and concern last night!

With much love,
Renee, Ken and Jonathan

Here’s a link to a video of his first steps, by the way…a little overdue, but still cute!

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