Jonathan’s First 1st Birthday Party

We just got home from Wisconsin on the 22nd and had a great time being with family and old friends (or was it old family and friends). While we were there Jonathan had his first 1st birthday party (his second is coming up in a couple weeks in Denver) and he had a great time. I’ve put some pictures from the party in the album dated 2006-01-23 and you can check them out by clicking on Photo Gallery, then Jonathan, then 2006-01-23.

In other news, our house is now under contract and has passed inspection with only a couple of minor repairs to make. We close on it on February 28th and will be moving into the seminary apartments the week before that. I’ll let you know our new address when we do! I started school again today and we are back in the swing of the things. Thanks for all your prayers!

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