Latest episode in "The Life and Times of One Weird Kid"

Jonathan took his first few steps the other day. Did it like it was no big deal. I was sitting in a chair and he was holding on to my knee and saw his wagon nearby. He stretched out and the handle was about a foot away still, so he let go, moved his feet, and grabbed right on. He’s also taken a few steps when he’s holding our hands and we let go. But then he stumbles and falls. Is that mean?

Anyway, he’s as strange as ever. We returned from trip to Michigan to visit Renee’s family over spring break a few weeks back. He was a great kid and we got to visit Woofie (aka Jack the dog). Twas good to be with Jack, we sure miss him a lot. On our way back to Denver from O’Hare Airport we decided to give up our flights for travel vouchers…twice. So they gave us a hotel, $30 in food vouchers and $1200 in travel vouchers. Jonathan was fantastic being carted around the airport for hours on end, and if Renee didn’t have to work the day we finally got back, we could have done it again. It was nice to get home though.

Jonathan also just got his first real haircut a few days ago. Renee almost cried because he looked like such a ‘big boy’ now. He did really well for the haircut lady and doesn’t look like such a hillbilly now. We’ve posted some pictures here of our trip to MI and of Jonathan doing random things (throwing fits, waking up with fantastic bedhead, new haircut, just plain being strange). We hope you are all doing well! Drop us a line (or a comment) if you get the chance!

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