Okay.  I’ve been sufficiently pestered enough to get a few more pictures up and write a brief update.  It has taken me forever to sit down and write something, and now so much time has passed that I feel like I need to tell about everything that has happened since the last time I posted anything.  I’ll spare you the details, but this is what’s been going on.

Playing in the lawn
Playing in the lawn

Summer came and went and before we knew it, students were back and life got busy.  The boys are doing great.  Jonathan is a fantastic big brother – and Gabe adores him.  He’ll hear Jonathan’s voice and whip his head around right away to see what he’s up to.  I’ll try to get some video up soon of Jonathan making Gabe laugh – he’s the only one who get get him giggling non-stop.

Gabe has four teeth now, with a few more coming in.  He was kinda grouchy for a bit, but is normally a non-stop smiler.  He is a great baby and is always happy – we’re so blessed.  His hair is still red and he’s a chunker!

Just Chillin'
Just Chillin'

Renee’s folks were out for a bit this fall over Halloween. It was fun having them there and they babysat for us while Renee and I went off to Nashville for my birthday present – going to see the Packers play the Titans.  Unfortunately they lost in overtime, but it was a great game and a fun time to be Renee.

Late congratulations are due to Kyle and Megan on the arrival of Baby Carter!  We’re so happy for you all-bummed we’ll miss you in Wisconsin-but hope to see you soon and meet the little dude!

We’re off to the Midwest in a week and a half – after I have shoulder surgery on Monday – and will be making the rounds and seeing a lot of family and friends.  More pictures coming soon, but for now, these will have to do.

3 thoughts on “Finally…”

  1. WOO HOO!!!!! How happy am I to see those precious faces?!?!? What little peanuts! I love that Gabe laughs all the time-he’s adorable! Your familiy picture is sweet too. Thanks for the update! We love you guys!

  2. Litcher family,
    Merry Christmas from the Webers! I can’t believe how great the boys look. Gabe is getting big! Our boys are doing awesome and Henry is going on 30 years old! Ben is the happiest, fattest, little man ever! He is tipping the scale at 26 pounds at 10 months age. I have started dressing him in 24 month clothes. Yikes! I think we have a line backer on our hands. Call us when you get a chance!
    Joe and Dixie

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