Baby Jameson Update

It appears Jameson is making a quick recovery. He is breathing room air now and there is a chance he could be rooming with his mommy by Saturday afternoon. Kati is admitted into the same hospital as Jameson and finally (!!!) got to meet her little boy. Everyone is doing much better and we are so thankful for the group of you who were offering up prayers on their behalf. I’m not gonna lie…my pillow was a little wet last night as this news was the capper to a rough week (month? summer?). We are rejoicing with Kati and Josh at the long-awaited expansion of their family, and we can’t wait to meet the little dude in a few months! Congrats guys!

3 thoughts on “Baby Jameson Update”

  1. Phil has been keeping us updated but it’s so great to see the photos and see for ourselves that everything is looking so much better! Thank God!!!

  2. We are SO happy to hear that everything is going better and that Kati has been moved and able to meet her little guy!! Thank you for the update – what an answer to prayer!!

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