Okay.  I’ve been sufficiently pestered enough to get a few more pictures up and write a brief update.  It has taken me forever to sit down and write something, and now so much time has passed that I feel like I need to tell about everything that has happened since the last time I posted anything.  I’ll spare you the details, but this is what’s been going on.

Playing in the lawn
Playing in the lawn

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Smokies, Halloween and Hospitals

Greetings, dear reader. Just a quick update here. I promised pictures from our trip to the Smokies and have finally delivered. A few weeks back, our great friends from Denver, Lief and Emily, came out for a long weekend and we drove up to Gatlinburg and rented a cabin for a few nights. It was great to spend some time with them and we had a fantastic time up in the Smokies.

Also, as you may or may not have been aware, Halloween has come and gone. While Jonathan didn’t go trick or treating, he did get all dressed up in his costume with his pal Katelyn and made every girl on campus go, “Awwww!” He loved having his costume on even though he was dripping with sweat.

Finally, we made a trip to the ER on Saturday after Renee spilled hot queso from Qdoba on her wrist. She only heated it up in the microwave for a minute. Fun times. For the record, she said it was more painful than childbirth. Either she’s not remembering things correctly or I had WAY too much sympathy for her after Jonathan was born. Anyway, here are the pictures (not of the nasty burn, but of other Fall activities). As always, you can check out the pictures we have up here by clicking on “Photos” on the top of the page.

Fall 2007