Jonathan turns three on Tuesday. We’re pretty excited for it and he’s having a party Monday afternoon with a Thomas the Tank Engine cake and some friends from the college. Anyway, as I’m sure you’re aware, two year olds can say some pretty funny things out of the blue. Take last night for instance. We were on our way back from Sticky Fingers and were heading up the mountain telling him it was going to be time to go to bed. He informed us he would prefer to watch a movie and I was insisting that it was, in fact, time to go to bed. After a few times back and forth, he responded:

“I want to watch a movie right now, Daddy. Do you want to sit in the naughty spot? You don’t want to do that.”

Jonathan has apparently heard several variations of this phrase recently, and tried to see if they worked the same on Daddy as they did on him.

A few more of our favorites from the past few months:

While sitting on the potty, taking his time…

Daddy: “What are you doing Jonathan?”

Jonathan: “Just looking at my penis.”

When we told him he was going to have a cake for his birthday…

Mommy: “You’re going to have a Thomas cake for your birthday!”

Jonathan: “That will be AMAZING Mommy!”

And during Christmas season when we would read the story of Jesus’ birth every night…

Jonathan: “I want Baby Brother to come now.”

Mommy: “Baby Brother needs to get bigger now. What do you want Baby Brother’s name to be?”

Jonathan: “Baby Jesus.”

We’re pretty sure it’s not heretical if it comes from a two-year old.

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  1. Thanks Meg. I just wish we would have written some down. The things he says sometimes just crack us up. We spend about half of our day laughing here. 🙂

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