An Ice Day

It took 45 minutes to bring Jonathan to his preschool this morning–even though it’s only a couple of miles down the road. We had some freezing rain come over the mountain last night and this morning, making the roads and sidewalks slick and dangerous. There was an accident right out in front of Covenant (hence the delay in getting down the road), and after delaying classes two hours, the administration decided to cancel classes today. Covenant is located right on top of Lookout Mountain, and several faculty and staff members live down the mountain in the Chattanooga area, making the drive up on icy roads quite dangerous. So, meetings are canceled and we may catch up on some movies.

Speaking of Covenant, this past weekend we took our staff (6 student RA’s, our Assistant RD Brandon and his wife Becky and the three of us) up to Crossville, TN for a brief refocusing retreat. We had two condos (thanks for the hookup Mom!) and access to a hot tub, pool, raquetball and movies. I whupped up on some folks playing raquetball (I was the only one who had played before) and took Jonathan in the hot tub, and the rest of the time was spent watching movies, playing games and hanging out together talking about this new semester. These folks are the best kind of people and we love spending time with them…it’s always fun and refreshing. They all do a great job serving the students in our building and in the apartments and are great people to be “forced” to work with. Below is our family Christmas card.

Thanks for all you do, guys!

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