A First…Unfortunately

Well, it finally happened. Jonathan has his first ear infection. Not bad for a kid who will be three in two weeks. He and I have been battling a cold since we returned from our Christmas vacation and were thought to be on the mend. About a week ago, though, Jonathan began waking up in the middle of the night crying for Daddy. At first it was once or twice a night, then it seemed like it was every two hours or so. Then on Tuesday night he–and I–was up 6 or 7 times. He did say his ear hurt, so off to the Doctor he and Renee went on Wednesday morning. Sure enough, ear infection. Since he’s been on the drugs he’s been back to his happy-go-lucky self, and all three of us had an uninterrupted night of sleep last night.

In other news, we had our first significant snowfall of the season up on Lookout Mountain last night. And the school opened late for classes today. Okay, I understand that the roads up and down the mountain get very icy and it’s best to encourage people not to drive up or down. But “snowstorms” in the south are kind of funny. You would have thought that 6 feet was dumped on Chattanooga (it was about an inch of snow, followed by a “wintry mix”). Several elementary schools down the mountain were closed for the day and everyone is dressed like they are heading straight for the Iditarod. Ah well, I guess if I complain like a little girl through the hot, humid summers, they can get there panties in a bundle over a couple inches of snow.

A few pictures of our trip to Wisconsin are here. And below is the fantastic 8 ft. snowman built by one of our residents. Yup, he’s from Wisconsin (Pardeeville).

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