Still Waiting…

Jonathan was born one week and one day before his due date. Today is one week and one day before baby brother’s due date. We’ve been incredibly antsy and impatient this time around. We were still setting up the crib a few days before Jonathan was born. Now we just look at each other and say, “why won’t this kid come out?” Last Tuesday Renee had a doctor appointment and when the doctor checked her he first said, “My goodness, how are you walking?” Then he said that she was 3-4 cm’s dilated and her membranes (amniotic sac) were “bulging like an old tire about to blow.” Yes, our doctor is a hillbilly.

We were so convinced her water was going to break next time she sneezed we had Renee’s mom fly in on Thursday afternoon. It’s been great since she’s been here, but still no baby. We go in again on Tuesday to see what’s going on.

In other news, I’m back on the wagon again. Running that is. I gained the freshmen fifteen (again) when we moved back onto a college campus and started eating cafeteria food again. The freshmen fifteen quickly turned into 25 and I finally got frustrated with creeping back up towards the weight I was at a year and a half ago. So, no competition this time to get me on a strict diet and exercise routine, but I did make a New Year’s Resolution (in mid-March) to run 500 miles in 2008 or give up watching LOST. You can see the progress in my monthly goals in the red box to the right. So far I’m over 10% done.

Welp, I think that’s it. I’ll be sure to get pictures and info up as soon as baby brother gets here, so keep checking! Thanks for praying we’ll have PATIENCE these last few days! Last belly pics here.

Giving Thanks

Almost a year and a half ago, Renee and I were completely blindsided while anticipating the birth of our next child-at a routine doctor appointment, we were told the baby did not have a heartbeat. After Renee went through two D&C’s to remove Brit, we both wrestled with how to grieve after such an unexpected and heartbreaking loss. In many ways, we’re still figuring that out…it’s been quite a journey for us and has been the most difficult year of our marriage. Even more difficult than the first year, and that included Renee locking me out on our 3rd floor apartment balcony! Continue reading Giving Thanks