Slaying a Giant

Last spring I needed a new book to read over Spring Break. We were heading down to Florida to visit Renee’s folks (and Jack!) and I planned on doing little else but running and relaxing in the sun. I decided to finally get around to reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It had long been my favorite musical, ever since we saw it in Chicago on our Annual Chicago Weekend with the Roehrigs. I then saw it on Broadway on our high school senior class trip and again in Chicago with Renee, Doug and whoever had a crush on Doug at that time in college. I plowed through unabridged version that week of vacation. It was amazing how much more back-story there is to what happens in the musical. Anyway, I was hooked on the Classics. Continue reading Slaying a Giant

Got Books?

?When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.? ~Desiderius Erasmus

I stumbled upon an intriguing website a few weeks back: Basically, the website is social networking for book readers. After registering an account, you add all the books you own (or have ever read) into your catalog. Then LibraryThing can show you other users’ profiles who have the same books in their catalog. You can browse their catalog and see what they thought about the books you have read, or even get ideas for new books to read from like-minded readers. A pretty nifty concept that is extremely well done. Continue reading Got Books?