FeedTube 0.2

Just a quick note to say I updated FeedTube over the weekend. It’s still in the early phases and not where I’d like it to be but it’s on its way. Updates in 0.2 were

  • Changed layout and style
  • Made it more ‘dummy proof’
  • Back end redesign to run faster and more efficiently

Some of the future updates I plan on making are

  • Add a widget to enable display in sidebar
  • Make compatible to pre-WP 2.5 installations
  • Make compatible with YouTube.co.uk, etc.
  • Other back end changes to enable higher efficiency

So, any thoughts so far? I’m surprised by the number of people who have downloaded it and would like some feedback. Anything you’d like that is missing? Anything you wish was changed? Anybody tweak the css and like it better than how it comes? I’m all ears!

8 thoughts on “FeedTube 0.2”

  1. Brock,

    I tested that file using [feedtube feed=’http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/rawchefdan/videos.rss’] and it worked fine for me. What exactly are you using for your token?

  2. Ok, Don’t know what I was doing, but it all works great now….I think I didn’t place the “token” correctly…

    Anyways, thanks for the fantastic plugin.

  3. asoko, it won’t work with a playlist feed right now, as the XML file is designed differently. I can put that on the wishlist though. I hope to get to the widget soon…been swamped with work and family stuff lately. Thanks for your thoughts!

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