Finally, some pictures

Okay, I’ve done it. They are finally up. Sorry I’ve been such a slacker getting Renee’s belly shots up here. I’ve been badgered enough, and here they are. Also included are a bunch of the pictures from Baby Brother’s ultrasounds. We’re going in for another one next week, so keep checking back. While Renee feels like she’s huge, you still can’t even tell she’s pregnant from behind. Or from the front apparently…we’ve had a bunch of maintenance guys in our apartment this week fixing a few things and after talking with Renee for a few minutes, she turned around to look at something and one of the guys eye’s went wide. He didn’t even know she was pregnant until he saw her profile.

In other news, apparently Jonathan has saved his terribleness for three instead of two. He hasn’t been horrible, but he’s definitely more ornery and strong willed now than he was even a month or so ago. We’re embarking on a new discipline and structure program a friend of ours developed, so we’ll see how it goes. He has been supremely goofy lately though. He now thinks that he and I also have babies in our bellies. At first I thought he was poking fun at the “freshman fifteen” I have put on since coming back to college, but now he believes he has a baby sister in his belly. In fact, he told us the other day that he needed to eat all of his noodles because baby sister was hungry. He also likes to ask random women if they have a baby in their belly. Awkward. Some other quotes from recent days:

Telling the painter in our apartment what he just got done doing: “I just went poopy. It was stinky. Yecchhh!”

Renee and I were introducing ourselves to a Covenant professor at the local pizza joint, and he pipes up and says, “I’m Jonathan and I’m three. I’m not two anymore.”

There were a few others that I’ve now forgotten, but I believe Renee wrote down. Leave ’em wanting more, right?

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