What a week!

What a morning. I’m sitting in the Nashville airport waiting to catch a plane to Chicago. Already it’s been a stressful day, and it’s only 10:00. Renee and Jonathan left for Florida yesterday and I spent the rest of the day getting all of the stuff I done I needed to for work. But, as is prone to happen when I’m living the bachelor lifestyle, I procrastinated a bit and went to bed way too late. Then I must have turned my alarm off without waking up and ended up oversleeping by a half hour and had to scramble to get everything ready so I could catch the shuttle to Nashville. But I was on the road only 5 minutes later than I had planned and was feeling good…until I looked over at the passenger seat and saw the files I was supposed to drop off at the office before I left. And I was already down the mountain. Yeah, I cursed. Everything is fine now, though, so here I wait.

Jonathan turned three on Tuesday and had a great birthday party. We invited a bunch of friends from the college and our new neighbors, the Owens’, and partook of a fantastic cake Renee made with Kelli’s mom. Seriously, it was gorgeous. Check out the pictures here. Anyway, Jonathan had a ton of fun, though he made sure to point out to everyone that even though his party was on Monday, he “was still 2, he’s not 3 yet.” He finally turned 3 on Tuesday and spent the night sleeping in the big queen-sized bed in his room. And didn’t fall out…which is a miracle the way he sleeps. Then he got to go on a plane on Wednesday, is hanging out with Papa and Nanny and Jack now and is going to Sea World in a few days. I don’t know if he’s had a better week before.

Renee and I also had a little bit of a start when we realized that Baby Brother will be coming in about 10 weeks. Sheesh, that seems awful soon. I don’t know if it was the stress of the first trimester, but it really seems like this pregnancy is flying by. Jonathan still wants Baby Brother to come out now, and I think Renee is starting to be about ready as well. In fact, she could probably write about how everything is going herself, but might need a little encouragement. So, if you’re getting sick of hearing from me about everything, why don’t you go ahead and start badgering Renee to start posting on here.

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  1. Hey guys! We realized we missed Jonathan’s Birthday… it looks like he had a great party! We are all doing well and trying to relax and wait for this baby to arrive. I read your note on the website saying you guys were 10 weeks out and what a reality check that is! We hope to have our little on next week since our OB is going to be out of town after Valentine’s day! We will keep you posted.
    I left a couple of messages on Renee’s phone and wanted to make sure I still had the right number. I am not checking my work e-mail much since it always leads to a little stress 🙂 🙂
    Miss you all and sending hugs from Henry to Jonathan!

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