So Much to Say

Hello friends and family,

With an update long overdue, we finally have some news to share. First, let’s talk about Fat Club. It’s unfortunate that the backup I had to restore was missing that fantastic picture of me prior to the weight-loss race. I’ll find it somewhere and do a comparison picture, but after 3 months the results are in…I went from 227 lbs to 184 lbs, a 43 pound loss that gained me first place out of 8 (well, 7 really. That slacker Keith didn’t even try…and still owes money too!). I barely eked out my buddy Lief in a come-from-behind win, but everybody else in the competition did great as well…the results are here. What to do with my winnings? Buy new clothes…

Also, we finally know where we are going after graduation in a few weeks!!! Last Friday I accepted an offer to work at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, GA. (Basically, Chattanooga, TN) I will be working as a Residence Director in their new dorm and Renee and I are extremely excited about the next phase of our life. Covenant is a great school and we are looking forward to working with the staff and students there.

Well, I need to jet-we are on a layover in LA right now (Debra Messing just walked by…weird). Renee and I are returning from San Francisco for a long weekend and I’ll get some pictures of our trip up here soon. Hope you all have a blessed week.

4 thoughts on “So Much to Say”

  1. Great Job! I am so excited for you guys. I am also so proud of you.

    We love you!

  2. Ken! I wish I would’ve known about the fat club. The amoeba diet worked great in Oaxaca and I lost at least two belt holes.

    We’re back in CO for several months and now you guys are gone. Lena is due w/ no. 3 in October/November.


  3. shummer,

    Great to hear from you! Congrats to you and Lena! Any news on boy/girl yet? I remember the amoeba diet. Specifically, I remember meeting you multiple times on the path to the outhouse…you don’t get used to that stuff down there? Where to now? Home for a bit, or off to England/Africa/Who knows were?

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