On the Move…

So, it’s been far too long since we updated anything on our website – for that I apologize.  Lot’s of exciting things have happened, including Jonathan’s 4th and Gabe’s 1st birthdays.  We had a great trip to Walt Disney World over Spring Break with Renee’s folks, a great trip to my Aunt Lori and Uncle Randy’s house in Lynchburg, VA over Easter, and a great trip Gatlinburg, TN with the Peters’ and Owens’ over Memorial Day.  I hope to get some pictures up soon, but can’t promise anything, as we’ll be pretty busy the next few weeks, what with the packing, moving and starting a new job.

To make a long story short, Union University in Jackson, TN – between Nashville an Memphis, about 4 hours from where we are now – had an open position in their Student Services department, Director of Residence Life.  Over the past two years at Covenant, I have really seen my gifts line up well, and have desired to pursue a career working in Higher Education.  I also have an old (history, not age 😉 ) friend who took a position at Union last year and had nothing but great things to say about the school and the department.  So, after thinking, praying, and seeking advice, Renee and I decided I should apply. Almost two weeks ago I was interviewed and offered the job.  I start in a week and a half (June 8th) and we – Lord willing – will close on a house on June 29th.  A whirlwind you say?  Life as usual for the Litschers.

Anyway, while we are thrilled about this next chapter in our lives, it will be hard to leave Covenant and the community we’ve invested in for two years.  We definitely weren’t looking to leave – which makes this transition both harder and easier.  We’ll miss a ton of great students and working with the staff we’ve been with for two years as well.  But we do have peace, which makes it bearable.  And while Jonathan knows we are moving to Jackson, TN, I still don’t think he realizes what that means – that the “big kids” he’s known & pretty much grown up around won’t be there to bother in the lobby or nag into playing with him.  He was having a hard enough time when they were going home for the summer.  We’ve been playing up the fact that he’ll have a yard and get his dog back, but once it hits him that he won’t get to see his buddies here, we may have to get out the tissues.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m up early (late?) with a bad sore throat so I’m going to attempt a few more hours of sleep before the day starts.  Pictures will come soon.  And by soon, I really mean soon-ish.

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  1. Wow! You have been on quite the whirlwind! Congratulations on the new job! How exciting that you are going to be home owners again! Can’t wait to catch up and hear what you have been up to!!

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