Baby Jameson Alexander Donaho

Jameson Alexander Donaho
Jameson Alexander Donaho - 9 lbs, 2 ozs!

After spending all day in labor yesterday, my sister Kati gave birth to Jameson Alexander Donaho. It’s been a bit of a rough night, as Kati had a C-section at 11:15pm and then the doctors took him immediately to the nursery because they were concerned about his breathing. They did a chest x-ray and saw that one of his lungs had collapsed and they took him via ambulance to a different hospital with a higher level acuity NICU. Kati still had not seen him at all (other than his huge feet in the warmer) because she was recovering from the c-section.

Over the night Jameson improved quite a bit, though he is still having tests done to see if he needs a chest tube or not. Kati will be transfered over to that hospital today to finish her recovery and meet her baby. She is recovering pretty well and isn’t in a ton of pain. Keep praying that things would continue to improve…it was a pretty scary ordeal. I’ll update once I know some more.

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  1. We’re praying! For both Kati and Jameson (and Josh too) and you guys – I’m sure you are feeling rather helpless at this point as well.

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