Summer in the Midwest – Part 2

After a great 4th of July birthday party for Philsie at my mom’s house, we left for the other side of the lake. It’s always a treat for us to visit Michigan, not only to see family, but because Renee’s folks are still taking care of our dog, Jack, until we actually live in a place that allows pets. Jonathan loves to talk about Jack, so he is always super excited to see him (whether or not the feeling is mutual is still up in the air.)

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The Marriage of True Minds – Review

Several months back I sang the praises of the online personal library network by the name of LibraryThing. In addition to all of the great stuff I talked about earlier, they also receive several hundred free books a month from publishers that they give away. After a few months of trying, I was notified in June that I won a copy of The Marriage of True Minds by Stephen Evans. In exchange for the free book, LibraryThing asks you to review it for the community. Here we go: Continue reading The Marriage of True Minds – Review

Summer in the Midwest – Part 1

Yes, it’s been almost two months since I put new pictures or news on the website.

Yes, we had a new baby a month and half before the last update.

Yes, our friends and family are mad at us because they haven’t seen any new pictures of Gabe.

So, here they are.


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Boys, Hickeys, and Rolling over Rover


Do you ever feel incredibly busy, yet also feel like you are not getting anything done? That describes my life the past couple of weeks. The boys are doing great, but there is just so much more work with two. A friend described it this way: with one child, the parents are able to employ a “double coverage” defense; with two you go to “man to man”; and once you have three or more you go straight to a “zone/prevent” defense. Really, we’ve been doing great, but it just takes us twice as long to get anything done. Continue reading Boys, Hickeys, and Rolling over Rover

Check it off…

Disclaimer: I have never seen The Bucket List. But it’s about two guys who are going to die so they do a bunch of things that they have always wanted to do before the kick the bucket. Apparently they are quite different; I imagine they go on all sorts of adventures and shenanigans, while one eventually dies, the other one tears up about losing his new friend, dies of a broken heart and a red fern grows between their graves. Anyway, the bucket list… Continue reading Check it off…

Introducing Gabriel Drew…


At 9:30 am today, April 18th, Gabriel Drew Litscher was welcomed into the world at 7 lbs, 12 oz & 20 inches long. After months of waiting and praying, Baby Brother was finally introduced to his family. He’s got a good bit of red hair and the general consensus is that he closely resembles Papa Phil. Renee had an appointment for an induction at 5:00am this morning, so we got up dark and early and made our way down the mountain to the hospital. By 6:00 she was started on pitocin, by 7:00 she had her water broken, by 8:00 she had an epidural, by 9:00 she was pushing, and after a couple big pushes Gabe made his appearance. Continue reading Introducing Gabriel Drew…

FeedTube 0.2

Just a quick note to say I updated FeedTube over the weekend. It’s still in the early phases and not where I’d like it to be but it’s on its way. Updates in 0.2 were

  • Changed layout and style
  • Made it more ‘dummy proof’
  • Back end redesign to run faster and more efficiently

Some of the future updates I plan on making are

  • Add a widget to enable display in sidebar
  • Make compatible to pre-WP 2.5 installations
  • Make compatible with, etc.
  • Other back end changes to enable higher efficiency

So, any thoughts so far? I’m surprised by the number of people who have downloaded it and would like some feedback. Anything you’d like that is missing? Anything you wish was changed? Anybody tweak the css and like it better than how it comes? I’m all ears!

Still Waiting…

Jonathan was born one week and one day before his due date. Today is one week and one day before baby brother’s due date. We’ve been incredibly antsy and impatient this time around. We were still setting up the crib a few days before Jonathan was born. Now we just look at each other and say, “why won’t this kid come out?” Last Tuesday Renee had a doctor appointment and when the doctor checked her he first said, “My goodness, how are you walking?” Then he said that she was 3-4 cm’s dilated and her membranes (amniotic sac) were “bulging like an old tire about to blow.” Yes, our doctor is a hillbilly.

We were so convinced her water was going to break next time she sneezed we had Renee’s mom fly in on Thursday afternoon. It’s been great since she’s been here, but still no baby. We go in again on Tuesday to see what’s going on.

In other news, I’m back on the wagon again. Running that is. I gained the freshmen fifteen (again) when we moved back onto a college campus and started eating cafeteria food again. The freshmen fifteen quickly turned into 25 and I finally got frustrated with creeping back up towards the weight I was at a year and a half ago. So, no competition this time to get me on a strict diet and exercise routine, but I did make a New Year’s Resolution (in mid-March) to run 500 miles in 2008 or give up watching LOST. You can see the progress in my monthly goals in the red box to the right. So far I’m over 10% done.

Welp, I think that’s it. I’ll be sure to get pictures and info up as soon as baby brother gets here, so keep checking! Thanks for praying we’ll have PATIENCE these last few days! Last belly pics here.

Getting Close…

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated y’all on what’s going on, and given that Renee is less than three weeks from her due date, I find that several of you are getting a little bit testy. In fact, just today my boss was telling me that she reads her RD’s blogs when procrastinating and I have not been providing good distractions. At least that’s how I remember what happened. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on the last few weeks. Continue reading Getting Close…