Why Stephen Curry Has the No

The 2014 NBA season concluded with the Golden State Warriors hoisting the championship trophy after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, so it shouldn be a surprise, then, to find Warriors star and league MVP Stephen Curry atop the list of jersey sales this week, overtaking LeBron James. Right?

On its face, Curry rise to the top of NBA jersey sales makes sense, given his electrifying postseason performance, <a href=”http://www.cheapnfljerseywholesale.top/” target=”_blank”>Cheap Jerseys free shipping</a> leading the Warriors to their first title since 1975. But are jersey sales a key metric of a player stature in the league, or is it a mere popularity contest? In any case, jersey sales can be taken at face value. Such specificity in a consumer selection of a jersey a specific player last name and number on the uniform of a city professional team suggests that some thought, some reasoning, is involved. the end of the regular season, jersey sales rankings were as follows:

Four of the five names are hardly surprises, given that James, Curry, Durant, and Rose all competed in the playoffs this year, and each one is a (or in Curry case, current) MVP winner. If anything, Bryant, the aging superstar and member of the Lakers team, with 61 losses, who missed the playoffs as part of the team worst season in franchise history, might look like the odd player out. Yet Bryant finished the regular season with more jersey sales than Durant, the 2014 league MVP, and Rose, 2011 league MVP and perhaps a fan sentimental favorite, given his three consecutive knee injuries (and if sentiment doesn explain Rose position on the charts, perhaps Beyonc is the key). If you exclude his own season ending injury in 2013, in which he played only six games, Bryant finished this season with his lowest PPG since 2000, and the lowest FGA in his entire NBA career. Perhaps Bryant, elder statesman at this point in his career, rode the jersey sales wave on the strength of years and MVPs and championships past, almost like a lifetime achievement award.

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And if one were to equate jersey sales with popularity and by extension, with likability then LeBron James, once upon a time, would been the exception. After “The Decision,” when James left Cleveland for the Miami Heat (leaving behind, ironically enough, Cavs fans who set his jersey aflame in effigy), few players were more loathed than he was. Yet, his 6 Miami jersey topped sales at the end of the 2010 regular season, his first year with the Heat. Was Allen Iverson ever universally liked? Depends on who you ask, maybe. Few players were as polarizing to the public as AI yet while he never topped the list, Iverson appeared in the top 10 list for five years, according to The Bleacher Report, and peaked at number two.

What appears to be the case is consumers seemingly make the same considerations when buying a jersey. In spite of the differences between players, ranging from position to city they play in to personal background and “narrative” that can be told during an ESPN profile, there is obvious commonality: typically high offense, highly athletic players; perennial All Stars and championship contenders; bold or polarizing personalities that attract mainstream fans attention.

It helps to be highly visible, too. Warriors player Andre Iguodala, a 10 year veteran and former All Star, was key to Golden State championship run. His offense and, more importantly, his defensive play against LeBron James earned him the Finals MVP trophy. Yet his jersey sales didn even crack the top 15 by the end of the postseason. (But Cavs backup guard Matthew Dellavedova did, at number 14. Perhaps it helpful to be accused of being a dirty player.) Iguodala is mild mannered, the type of player who puts in the work and is willing to play a supporting role if it proves beneficial to the team. If jersey sales are any indication, perhaps it doesn pay to be a team player. And yet, Iguodala now has more rings than both Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant, for whatever that worth.

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Renee is finally writing in the blog….

Yes, this is finally me writing in the blog…. Ken has been bugging me for so long and after about a 20 minute tutorial of what I needed to do… well, it might be awhile before I write on this thing again. :) I do not have the computer skills of my husband, nor do I necessarily want to get them. :) But since Jonathan and I just got back from our trip to Florida to see my parents, and Ken wasn’t able to come with us :( , that leaves me to be the one to write the post.

We left the day after Jonathan’s birthday and flew right out of Chattanooga to St. Pete/Clearwater airport. It was only a hour and ten minute flight… somewhat of a luxury compared to the 2.5 hour flights we were used to out of Denver. Jonathan was a great traveler and he LOVED every minute of being on the plane. He sat right by the window and never stopped talking the whole time.

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